Starting this blog has been a long time coming. It honestly could’ve been created sooner, but fear has always held me back. I’m no stylist and definitely no expert. I’m not here to tell you what to buy, wear, or eat. Instead, I want to share my experiences and grow as a human being along the way. I’m always hungry. Not just for food, but I’m hungry for more experiences and knowledge.

This blog will be focused mainly on fashion, because I live and breathe it. Well maybe not to that extent, but I’m very much infatuated with the fashion world. I turn to fashion as a hobby and as an outlet from my chaotic life. There will be food posts here and there because I eat out way too much for any normal person. So why not document it? There’s a beauty section of the blog and I’m not very sure why it’s there. I’m an absolute failure in applying makeup. And I’m only decent with my hair. But I felt the beauty section was somewhat necessary. Don’t fashion and beauty go hand in hand? If not, then it just looks pretty in the header.

As I close this first post, I have to recognize that starting this blog will be a slow and awkward process. I’m currently trying to get the hang of things, especially posing in front of the camera without looking like a doofus. Hopefully, with time, I’ll be able to gain some confidence and channel my very own Sasha Fierce. As of right now, I’m more intimidated than I like to admit, but I’m also excited for what lies ahead.

Thanks for listening,

{A Few Thank Yous}

To Kelvin: Thank you Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to create this gorgeous website. Your kindness and generosity is unbelievable. I will seriously wine and dine you the next time I see you.

To Jasmine: Thanks for pigging out with me at In N Out and thinking of this insanely cute name. I would be nothing without you and Animal Style Fries. Thanks for always doing me a solid.

To my friends (You know who you are): Thank you for always encouraging me to start this blog and giving me so much positive energy. I am extremely lucky to have a set of close friends that will always be there for me. And in advance, thanks for taking my pictures. Because I will enlist your help. Because you guys are the best. And you all love me.

To my brother: Thanks for being nice and getting me a super awesome camera for this blog. Glad to know that you actually like me. But, I still think you’re a brat.